Trame d’Italia

A project to enhance the cultural and environmental widespread heritage

Trame d’Italia is a project through which Fondazione Italiana Accenture aims to unlock the unexpressed value of Italy’s lesser known territories by attracting national and international visitors to discover the cultural, environmental, architectural, gastronomical and artisanal heritage that makes these localities unique in the world.


What makes this initiative different is the direct involvement of civil society in each local territory and the offering of cultural itineraries and experiences combined with innovative communication. The result for the visitor is authentic edutainment through enhanced cultural awareness and a memorable trip, and the local community benefits from the economic spinoff. 


Drawing on the franchise model where strong brand identity guarantees consistent service, Trame d’Italia intends to build meaningful relations with domestic and international travelers, evolve the platform to higher levels and establish alliances with major global players in the areas of tourism, culture and finance. By continuously signing up additional local territories, the longer term goal is to become a recognized national integration champion that successfully creates value for the greatest possible number of localities whose potential is currently untapped.


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Trame di Lunigiana

Trame di Lunigiana, the winning project in the “ARS” contest for ideas at Fondazione Italiana Accenture in 2013, aims to showcase the territory of Lunigiana and provide its cultural resources web visibility. Trame’s organizational model integrates products and services that target the cultural and gastronomical travel market. 

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Trame di Monferrato

Trame di Monferrato is the first spin-off from “Trame di Lunigiana”,  a 2013 award–winning project at Fondazione Italiana Accenture that generates sustainable employment from Italy’s artistic heritage. A committee of local businesses and institutions actively promote and monetize the spirit and the unexpressed potential of lesser known territories such as Monferrato.

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